Seattle By NightFrom a great height20110604-214.jpgI am the Loraxsnail procession20110917-011.jpgI do some commercial photography, mostly working on real estate listings, but also interested in other commissions and licensing most of the images I’ve taken over the years as a hobbyist. I have a full portfolio online; here’s the headline info:


Standard prices to photograph a house or condo for listing on the MLS, within Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue or Kirkland city limits:

Small unit: $100

If a place is under 1000 square feet and it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to come up with a varied set of 15 photos high quality images. I will add $25 to cover transport expenses & time if it’s more than one direct bus or a half-hour bike ride from downtown Seattle.


Typical house or condo: $150

Standard 15 photo package for MLS listing purposes.

Examples: condo, house.

Larger properties: $250

For luxury houses; special views; larger grounds etc., where more time is needed and we expect to deliver more than 15 photos.

Examples: larger house, view as selling point.

Video slideshow: $100-$150

Converting a set of photos into a 1-2 minute video slideshow. Lower price if you give me caption text; higher if I’m writing copy.

3 sample videos together.

I am always willing to travel further for a shoot, but I’ll price in the travel. I don’t have set prices for other types of job, so please enquire directly.

Any customer who has hired me as a photographer will get a complete set of high-resolution photos, and unrestricted rights to use them – no nickel-and-diming or use limitations.


All of my photos are available for commercial licencing, except for the very few that contain someone else’s intellectual property. As well as what’s showcased in the portfolio, there’s a huge number on Flickr. Pricing varies based on the choice of photo and intended use, so please enquire directly.


U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profits, UK registered charities, and equivalents worldwide have blanket permission to use any of my photos in their non-commercial work, as long as I am credited as the photographer. I do really appreciate you getting in touch to let me know, though.