Seattle’s Happiness Report Card

The biggest things I’ve worked on for a while have finally gone public in the last few weeks. One is the new, shorter and very much improved happiness survey, which I’ll say more about once I’ve written up the methodology. For now, please take it and I’m interested to hear what you make of it. If you took the previous one you’ll be pleased to know that this is a little less than half the length and its design took into account feedback we received on the previous one.

The other is our report on Seattle’s survey results and other indicators of well-being. Here’s the summary “report card”:

The report gives reams of explanation, background and analysis, with juicy charts, tables and maps, but this table is the punchline.

The named authors are myself, Laura Musikanski and John de Graaf, but of course many other people contributed ideas and feedback. Here’s a probably incomplete list: Andrew Cozin, Tim Flynn, Sekai Senwosret, Maureen McGregor, Ken Cousins, Mario Sanchez, Javier Salazar, Ryan Howell, Brian Knox, Jenny Ngo, Laura Vanderpool, Liz Russell, and the Seattle Area Happiness Initiative advisory board.

Read the whole report here (2.1 MB PDF)

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