Wish fulfilment

When I was four years old, I wanted desperately to be Batman.


photo by my mum.

That photo is from the month before my brother was born.  I even tried to convince our parents to name him Robin so that he could be my sidekick, and was apparently quite disappointed when they declined to and when he wasn’t instantly ready to play superheroes with me from birth.

Well, sometimes we get what we want with interest, even if it takes longer than a four-year-old can ever comprehend.  My brother grew up to be a lot more interesting than I could have appreciated in 1982, and found his way into the game development industry.  He’s spent the past year or two working on Batman: Arkham City.  It took a while, but by all accounts the results have been spectacular.  It’s been rated “Amazing” on IGN, called “easily the best superhero game” by UGO, it’s one of the highest rated games of all time, and it looks incredible:

This is far cooler than getting a sidekick.

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