Sukkot and #OccupyJudaism

I very much enjoyed Rabbi Ellen Lipmann’s Occupy Sukkot’s Prayer for an Unbalanced World, which ties the various meanings of Sukkot in with the current Occupy Wall Street / Everywhere protests beautifully.  Here’s the prayer itself, though you should read the whole piece for context:

For the newly or long-time homeless, the sukkah provides shelter.

For those in danger of losing homes, the sukkah is a fragile home that nonetheless stands firm.

For those who have lost jobs, the sukkah offers a bountiful table for all, old and young.

For those whose neighborhoods have been decimated, the sukkah is a center and a place of welcome.

For those who bend under the growing limits of aspiration, the sukkah lets us see the stars.

For those whose dreams are shattered, the sukkah offers sunlight through green shade, and requires nothing of those who sit but to bask in it and be renewed.

As we gather the winds of change from the east, north, west and south, may heaven and earth join to re-right the world.

This Sukkot, may we find ways to re-right the unbalanced world, to re-write the story of liberation and harvest, and to re-rite the rituals of this ancient modern festival.

There’s more on what Jewish tradition has to say about the present moment at @OccupyJudaism.

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